We are a London-based consumer tech company building a world without barriers between people and technology. Starting with our sellout debut product ear (1), launched in August 2021, at Nothing we are committed to crafting iconic, intuitive and seamlessly connected products that we are proud to share with friends and family.

“In a short amount of time, Nothing has captured some of Apple’s cultural Magic.” - Forbes

“Nothing is the most hyped tech company in years” - GQ

“Nothing has brought a breath of fresh air.” - Hypebeast

“The most exciting startup in consumer tech” - Input

Year one, with ear (1), was us just getting started. Year two is when our plans will materialise in a concrete way by entering in multiple product categories that go beyond audio products.

As part of our exciting journey ahead, we are looking to hire our E-commerce Director to build and lead our e-commerce team. The successful candidate will have a proven track record running a multi-million-dollar e-commerce with strong managerial skills, a love for the user experience and an attention to detail second to none.


  • Build and lead a team of internal and external members to effectively develop and run our e-commerce;
  • Define our e-commerce channel strategy with corresponding roadmap aim at maximising consumer lifetime value;
  • Architect our e-commerce customer journey to be on par with industry best practices and to deliver on a seamless experience as we scale into multiple product categories;
  • Ensure our e-commerce visuality remains appealing to design visionaries while continuously striving to optimize conversion rate;
  • Monitor and analyse website analytics to identify ways to both optimize and maximize traffic while defining the optimal paid acquisition strategy using all available marketing and CRM tools (Paid Media, Social Media, PR, EDM, etc.);
  • Support and integrate global marketing campaigns;
  • Manage product stock levels and forecasting.


  • Proven track record of successfully running an e-commerce platform generating over $50M annual revenue;
  • Ability to build from scratch and lead a full stack e-commerce team;
  • Strong appetite for industry’s best practices as well as running AB testing to continuously optimize conversion rate;
  • Proven track record of driving significant increase in traffic across a given e-commerce platform through clear and optimise user acquisition strategy;
  • Strong focus on maximising consumer lifetime value through corresponding roadmaps and innovative features;
  • Entrepreneurial and comfortable with changing environments as well as multiple overlapping projects;
  • Strives in a fast-paced start-up environment with a strong level of autonomy and ownership;
  • A good eye for design and editing, solid knowledge of the rules of grammar, and a laser-focused attention to detail;
  • Over 10 years of experience.

Our values

Be the change

We are proactive and drive change. If there is something we want to see happen, we work for it. We don’t wait, but act today, embrace new opportunities and adapt with speed. And that includes sustainability. Our first product is already carbon neutral, and it’s just the start of our long-term ambitions.

Pride in product

We don’t ship junk! We surround ourselves with those who share our passion, willing to dive into the details and let curiosity turn their craft inside out.

Thrive on diversity

We keep an open mind, welcome differences, and listen before we speak.

We believe that diverse perspectives best equip us to deliver extraordinary results and experiences.


We know victory doesn’t happen overnight. We balance our ambitions with reality, always prioritising long term survival over short term gains. When faced with challenges, we persevere by remaining calm and rational.

We are an equal opportunity employer and will strive to promote a more diverse and inclusive environment. We are committed to being a welcome employer for all candidates.